Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Last of the Olympic snowflakes

And finally this snowflake that took on a will of it's own and ruffled. So I used the last row to harnass it in shape.
Do I get a metal in the 75+ age group?
This has 96 small powder blue pearl beads in the design.
This is now #9 of my 25 motif blog.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympic Flake

Oh no! I've been disqualified from the Syncronized Snowflakes. This is not a snowflake. It is by Lisa Trumble and is a starfish. Better luck to me next year.

Olympic snowflake #2

My next entry in the Snowflake division. This one is by Claire (lostinthread). I used Swarovski crystals in it. Someone asked if this was my first snowflake. I've been tattting for 20 years and teaching for 18 years and designing since 1998. I've made a few snowflakes and certainly a few ornaments.

Olympic Tatting

I've begun some snowflakes to do during the Olympics. This is the first. The pattern is by Jan Stawasz. It isn't in his book, I just figured out the pattern from his picture. It has tiny almost pink beads.
I'm off to work on Snowflake #2 then on to some UFO's and maybe even the bookmark bobsled event after that.