Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Claudia's Bookmark

We lost a dear member of our tatting group after a brave fight against cancer. I designed this bookmark for her.
Here's the pattern:
Claudia’s Bookmark By Terry McGuffin, Jan. 2006
2 shuttles or shuttle & ball. Size 30-40 thread

First clover
R3-2-2-2-5-4. Ch 2
R 4+ (LPPR) 3-2-2-2-2-3-4. Ch 2
R 4+ (LPPR) 5-2-2-2-3. Ch 3^7-3-3-7^3
Next clover
*R 3-2-2-2+ (to 2nd p of prev. ring-counting from center joined p) 5-4. Ch 2
R4+ (LPPR) 3-2-2-2-2-3-4. Ch 2
R4+ (LPPR) 5-2-2-2-3.
Ch 3+ (to sm p in prev. chain) 7-3-3-7^3*
Work pattern between stars for 5 pattern repeats. End with 3rd ring of 5th clover

Ch 3+ (to adjacent p of prev. chain) ch4-4^3.
End ring:
R3-2-2+ (to 3rd p of prev. ring) 2-5-4. Ch 2
Do center ring as before
Do 3rd ring as before. Ch 3+ (to sm p of prev. ch) 4-4^3
Next ring: R3-2-2+ (to 3rd p of prev. ring) 2-5-4. Ch 2.
Form 2nd & 3rd rings as before. Chain as before joining center picots of chain.

Row 2, All chain row, small amount on shuttle, use ball or 2nd shuttle.
Join into joined picots between 2 clovers. Ch 2-3-3+ (to 3rd p of center ring) 2-2-2-2+ (to 5th p of center ring) 3-3-2+ (between center & right ring of clover) ch 5+ (between 2 clovers) ch 5+ (between 1st 2 rings of next clover) around.