Friday, September 18, 2009

The new ornament pattern

Yipee, I get to post the pattern for this ornament. The bookmark was actually done by Etta. Here is the site


With 2 shuttles, and about a size 40-50 thread (I actually used #12 Perle cotton which is about a size 45), complete 12 pattern repeats using smaller thread, 10 using larger size thread. From the center section, it will be slightly smaller when the top and bottom rows are completed. I did use 2 stitches between picots in outside chains.

Next row & top: Join thread to a center p of chain from prev. row to the left of the center of the clover, Ch3-3+ (to center p of next chain)

Ch 5-2-2-5 Shuttle 2 R 5-5-5. Sh 1, continue chain 5-2-2-5+ (to center p of next chain)

Ch3-3+ (to next center p) Ch 5-2-2-5 Sh 2 R5+ (join to last p of prev. ring) 5-5-5. Continue chain working around, joining last ring to 1st ring. (12 rings if using 12 pattern repeats, 10 rings if using 10 pattern repeats)

Bottom: With 1 shuttle R1-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-1. (Twice as many picots as you have pattern repeats) Slip into 1st p and leave about 24” of thread for lacing. Lace into center p of each chain from prev. row.


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