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Here's the angel I made for my SIL a few years ago. I liked the hair. So many angel's look like they have their hair in curlers or are sausage rolls so I liked this one. Then Georgia had a contest to fill in the apron. I'll include that too with the pattern.

Original Pattern by Terry McGuffin 2002

In loving memory of Catherine, 1948-2007
2 shuttles continuous wind, (full) Size 30 thread or #12 Finca. #8 DMC Perle will be larger
2 springless safety pins (or other space holder)

Head: Hang a springless safety pin or paper clip on thread between shuttles
Sh 1 ch 9
Sh 2 R3-2-2-3.
Sh 1 ch 14 ^ 14 hang a paperclip and directional tat back
Ch 15+ (to ^) - (leave a ^ ) 15+ (to base of 1st small ring) Chain back in the original direction 17+ (to center ^) chain 17+ (remove 2nd safety pin, Join to that p)
Sh 2 R3-2-2-3. Sh 1 ch 9-7+ (remove 1st pin, join into that space) Do not RW

Body: exit head, leaving false picot behind Ch 5-5-5-9
SCMR Ch 14 [R 8^4^2.] Ch 14 close SCMR.
RW R 3-3-3-3. Ch 2-2 R 3+ (LPPR) 3-3-3. Ch 2-2 R 3+ (LPPR) 3-3-3. Ch 2-2 R 3+ (LPPR) 3-3-3. RW
SCMR Ch 14 SS [R 2+ (to last p of other “hand” ring) 4+ (to next p of same ring) 8.] Ch 14 close.
Ch 9-5-5-5+ (to p in head) turn.
Wings Ch 6
R#1 R 3+ (to p in prev. chain) 3-3-3. Ch 5
R#2-#5 R 3+ (LPPR) 3-3-3. Ch 5
R#6 R3+ (LPPR) 3-3-3. Ch 11-9
R#7 R 3-3+ (to center p of PR) 3-3. Ch 3-3-3-3^3
R#8 R 3+ (LPPR) 3+ (to center p of R#5) 3-3. Ch 3+ (LPPCh) 3-3-3-3^3^3
R#9 R4+ (LPPR) 4+ (to center p of R#4) 4-4. Ch 3+ (LPPCh) 3+ (to next p) 3-3-3-3^4^4
R#10 R5+ (LPPR) 5+ (to center p of R#3) 5-5. Ch 4+ (LPPCh) 4+ (to next p) 3-3-3-3^3^3
R#11 R4+ (LPPR) 4+ (to center p of R#2) 4-4. Ch 3+ (LPPCh) 3+ (to next p) 3-3-3-3^3
R#12 R3+ (LPPR) 3+ (to center p of R#1) 3+ (to next p in body) 3. Ch 3+ (LPPCh) 3-3-3+ (to next p in
body) 3+ (LPPCh) 2-2+ (to outside p of ring at waist)
Skirt Ch 5
R3+ (to center p of same ring at waist) 3-3-3.
*Ch 10
Clover R3-3+ (LPPR) 3-3.
R3+ (LPPR) 4-4-3.
R3+ (LPPR) 3-3-3. Ch 10
SR3+ (LPPR) 3-3-3. * complete 2 more patterns from * to *.
Ch 7-7
SR3+ (LPPR) 3+ (to center p of PR) 3-3. ch 5-5
Clover R#1 as prev.
R#2 R3+ (LPPR) 4+ (to center p of center ring of prev. clover) 4-3.
R#3 as prev.
Continue across bottom (Chains will be 5-5 instead of 10) for 4 patterns plus the small ring, up sides for 3 patterns ending with 3rd clover. Chain 10
SR3+ (LPPR) 3-3+ (to center p of last ring at “waist”) 3. Ch 5
Work other wing in reverse order, ie:
Ch 2-2^3+ (to next p in body) 3+ (LPPCh) 3-3-3^3
R#12 R3+ (to next p in body) 3-3-3. Ch 3+ (LPPCh) 3-3-3-3^3^
R#11 R4+ (LPPR) 4-4-4. Ch 3+ (LPPCh) 3+ (to next p) 3-3-3-^4^4
R#10 R5+ (LPPR) 5-5-5. Ch 4+ (LPPCh) 4+ (to next p) 3-3-3^3^3
R#9 R4+ (LPPR) 4-4-4. Ch 3+ (LPPCh) 3+ (to next p) 3-3-3-3^3
R#8 R3+ (LPPR) 3-3-3. Ch 3+ (LPPCh) 3-3-3-3
R#7 R3+(LPPR) 3-3-3. Ch 9-11
R#6 R3-3+ (to center p of R#7) 3-3. Ch 5
R#5,4,3,2 R3+ (LPPR) 3+ (to center p of next ring from lower wing) 3-3. Ch
R#1 R3+ (LPPR) 3+ (to center p of R#12) 3+ (to next p in body) 3. Ch 6+ (to “neck” picot)
Turn work to back side, lay head down, chain 3+ (to p at joined “hands”) 3. Using your method to hide ends, tie to p on other side of neck.
Lower skirt edge
2 shuttles or shuttle & ball, join to picot at skirt edge.
Ch 12-3-3-3^3 R4-4+ (to 1st p in chain of prev. row) 4-4.
*Ch3+ (LPPCh) 3-3-3-3^3 R4+ (LPPR) 4+ (to p in next chain of prev. row) 4-4. *
Continue across in pattern between *’s ending with Ch 3+ (LPPCh) 3-3-3-12. Cut & tie to last p at bottom corner of prev. row.

Some abbrev. ^ = very small joining picot, LPPR = Join to last picot of prev. ring I'll send charted pattern upon request.


  • This is a beautiful angel and quite a lovely tribute to your sister-in-law. Personally, I'd love to have the chart. Do you have it in pdf so it could be sent to "marty1066 at yahoo dot com" [the usual at replaced by @ and dot replaced by .]?

    By Blogger Marty, at 9:40 AM  

  • How wonderful that you would share a treasure so lovingly done. I'll bet Catherine loved it.

    By Blogger Sharon, at 4:30 PM  

  • This is an absolutely terrific pattern. Thank you for your generousity in sharing it!

    By Blogger LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter, at 6:48 AM  

  • The angel is beautiful. I'm sorry for the loss of your sister-in-law. She must have been really special and I'm sure she loved this angel. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I am putting it on my to do list!

    By Blogger Tattycat, at 7:29 AM  

  • Oh yes, I remember this angel...I think I won the most technical in doing my angel. I could put a picture of my version of this angel up on my blog...do you think anyone would be interested in seeing it?

    By Blogger Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver, at 5:24 PM  

  • Thank you so much Terry. I have printed the pattern and am anxious to get to it. I'll let you know when I get it tatted. Thanks again! I just saw where I had commented on this when you posted. Guess I'll find the first copy in my "to do" list.

    By Blogger Tattycat, at 5:14 PM  

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